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About Eddie Chui -

In 1980 Eddie graduated in Hong Kong. This was around the same time that China started its modernizations for the first time since 1949. Eddie took advantage of this period by starting his career with TOTAL CHINE and ESSO CHINA in the field of Oil Exploration on the South China Sea where he worked until 1989.

The late 1980s were a period of uncertainty in Hong Kong. With a keen logistics background and a strong sense of family values, Eddie pursued an opportunity to immigrate to Canada to get away from an unstable country.

In July 1989, his family of four landed in Calgary and started their new exploration. By November 1989, Eddie was hired by Allstate Insurance Co. giving him an opportunity to start a new life, a new career and a new bank of knowledge.

After about 20 years, Eddie decided to pursue a new opportunity by joining the PROLINK Broker Network.

Opening his own Insurance office was not an easy task. Making sense of lease agreements, signage applications, and insurers contracts was a daunting task. The feeling of accomplishment when the doors of Eddie Chui Insurance Agency were opened in June 2009 made it well worth the effort.

Eddie lives by the following beliefs: Honesty, hard work, customer relations, passion and persistency. As these values are evident in everything he does. Eddie is committed to his career and more importantly to his customers. Past clients call him "Fast Eddie," because of his urgent response to their needs. No matter how fast or hard he works, Eddie will always have time to thank you for your support and to share a laugh with his customers in his Kensington Office.

Eddie's Chinese tea pot will always be hot and ready for your visit.

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